Forklift Training Program

Operators shall receive initial training in the following topics, with the exception to the topics that a forklift employer can prove are not relevant to their workplace, in order to fulfill forklift license requirements:

Truck-Related Topics:

  • Operating instructions, warnings and precautions
  • Differences from automobile
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Engine or motor operation
  • Steering and maneuvering
  • Visibility
  • Fork and attachment adaptation, operation, use
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator will be required to perform
  • Refueling/Charging/ Recharging batteries
  • Operating limitations
  • Other instructions, etc

Workplace-Related Topics:

  • Surface conditions
  • Composition and stability of loads
  • Load manipulation, stacking, unstacking
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Narrow aisles and restricted areas
  • Operating in hazardous (classified) locations
  • Operating on ramps and sloped surfaces
  • Potentially hazardous environmental conditions
  • Operating in closed environments or other areas where poor ventilation or maintenance
  • could cause carbon monoxide or diesel exhaust build-up

Initial forklift training must include the OSHA forklift certification requirements

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