Who We Are

8A Consulting & Training Services is full service consulting and training company that understands that protecting your company most valuable asset, its employees always comes first. 8A services believes that the safest, healthiest and most productive work environments are created when workers are properly training and feel safe at their workplace. 8A Services can meet your company needs from the wide range of services we could provide.

Meet the Owner

Temo Ochoa of 8A Consulting and Training Services has the field experience and formal educational qualifications to meet and exceed your company’s training needs. His areas of expertise include the OSHA Construction, Maritime and General Industry Standards, EMT, Fire Technology and more. 

In a highly competitive environment, Temo has provided training to some of the top Fortune 500 Companies in the world such as Toyota, Ford, Coca Cola, and Lockheed Martin, among others. These companies have chosen Temo because of his formal education at the UC San Diego OSHA Institute and CSLA as well as his experience within the industry. He has flexibility and is available to travel and provide quality Bi-Lingual training in Spanish within the US and Latin America. Among these skills, a major asset is his passion for the industry, which is reflected in his teaching. His courses are built to engage students in a way which allows them to gain full knowledge of industry standards that translate to a safer work environment.

Experience, knowledge and passion make 8A Consulting and Training Services your best choice in achieving your company’s training goals.

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